Sunday, September 23, 2012

Now Atlas shrugs a fair set of shoulders

Have you ever held out hope,
this year, that Mitt Romney's
party's frenzy to circumvent

the hispanic, the african-amer-
ican, the white with a bacca-
laureate and, for all we know,
the female, the fecund, the
pansy, cummerbunned, the old,
the cold, the innocently punned,

could leave them then Apollo 
to confront, the figure the
Right supposes has so kept it
at the front, but not to melt?

If the people of the United States
does invite us, to conceive of the
election as a referendum on the
human right of voting for one's
government, what is the chance that
the whirlwind they have sown would
not be reaped in freckles, scarcely

And why not? We keep hearing demands
of the fashionable, to discuss pol-
icy instead of politics, but why now
leave it to the gods to speak to the
chic, of nothing ever grander than the
equal right to have a say in the sur-
render of one's power to the state?

    Note photographique
    September 23, 2012


  1. There's always hope that those who rarely vote will see that they can make a difference.
    Otherwise we'll be resigned, once again, to have our leaders decided by people who have no dental records.

    1. It is lucky for you that you have enrolled as a follower of rmbl because people who bring mirth to this page are otherwise compelled to serve us Thai Khao Soi at lunch through the last week of September. And if you're short on shallots this can be a burden. :)