Thursday, October 11, 2012

October pivot

        there has not been
        a more absurd or bi-
        laterally evasive elec-
        We've seen this much:
        there is one Party which
        does not want a nation in
        this land, and another which
        is unable to admit its neglect.

  red mug, blue linen is 
  not a public policy page, 
  but even we can see this 
  sideshow as the restaurant
  that it is.

        the world is full
        enough of restaur-
        ant critics, osten-
        sible food enthus-
        iasts who feed the
        their strangest
        dire necessities.
        It is the same in
        the displacements
        of our politics.
        But you knew that.

        So who will come and
        tell us that the truth
        of Pinot Noir is in our
        power to erase, and we
        are doing it?


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