Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday commute lxix: what to read

  Living in the country, the 
  sociable, the game, and the
  primed and motivated qual-
  ities which lend themselves
  to fluent interactions are
  not always in play, where
  population, itself, is an
  abstraction. The same cap-
  abilities which bring them-
  selves to an afternoon swim
  are with us as we scan our
  library shelves with an eye
  for how to seize the day.

  I don't suppose this is al-
  ways understood by people as
  they sit down to write our
  books. I think the writers
  who are the most attuned to
  this, are our satirists.
  They realise, their impro-
  visation is a contraption
  for deflecting this paradox.


  1. If only those in less urban areas read as much as those who do. But sadly, from what I have read (ha!), this is not the case. That said, I've met a few city folk who's bookshelves are only for show. Happy reading!

    1. I always enjoy your presentation of libraries, DJS, a revealing element in your recent entries in monochrome and in blue. I notice how the side tables tend to shrink in spaciousness in inverse proportion to the volume of possibilities in texts, prefiguring the churning vitality of a stack on the floor, the way readers live.

  2. I enjoy the dichotomy between text and images here. As if the images don't exist or can only be seen with special glasses - not necessarily physical ones - somewhat like the mental images you see in real-life 'fluid interaction'.

    Last night someone came to dinner who said it didn't matter what politicians did in their private life and it was just about policies and I found myself arguing that it was a question of integrity - if they could cheat on their wife/husband/partner/goldfish they could cheat on you.

    When I thought about it today I realised we were both 'right' - just looking at it from a different perspective. Or mayby that's just my need to sum things up and not lose a friend? Keep up the good work!

    1. Dinner is the crummiest and likeliest way to lose a friend. Eat first, then talk, they used to say. But dining on your readership behooves me not to say, that a politician whose rectitude extends to his conjugal life has deprived himself of one of the most salutary opportunities for second-guessing his convictions. :)

      Thank you for coming ~