Friday, October 5, 2012

Suppose, there were no social reward for taste

I very much enjoy, reasoning through
such questions. Even loaded as this
one is, by a cluster of indefinite
terms - or, possibly partly because
of it - we can just see the room 
refilling with friends, even if a-
larmed and elated to be with each
other under the auspices of some-
thing challenging us. The nature of
the love which convenes such meet-
ings is quite central to this proj-
ect, and I sometimes think I have
neglected it.

Oh, treasures, every one of them;
but all or very nearly all, lent
to society's refurbishment in the
very dreams they knew. Prolifer-
ators of wonders, as we appraise
such people; one can't help but
wonder at the line between the
social and the humane, and self-
effacement and ambition, can one?

But is there such a line? Or have
we not just contemplated ambition
as the same thing as self-efface-
ment? This is Friday, not an occa-
sion to gather in abstractions. On
the other hand, it is a day like
any other, in which one catches a
glimpse here and there of what 
it may be like, not to pursue it
as a tautology. 

i - iv  Jeremy Young

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