Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Further improvisations of Gérard

Never one to have subscribed to the
travel, Gérard remembers when it was
perfectly reasonable to take a week-
end in Eleuthera in a well ordered
scholarly calendar, and still ex-
pect to be able to improve one's tan
between departures. In pondering his
way toward that remedial improvisa-
tion which he'd grown to trust he'd
fashion, given time, he did consid-
er himself fortunate to book an hour
in the gymnasium backstairs window.
Yet even there, delays were wilting.

of tanning, were it not probable 
that in their simplicity they bore
the answer to the new travel exper-
ience's abduction of time? Had it 
been, he wondered, for tanning's de-
light in its approximations of nu-
dity, or for such approximations'
residual benevolence of hue, that
people flew so fast to savour its
extractions of the clockface? What
part had temperature or humidity
played, without uv radiation? It
came to him, as night follows day,
that he might explore the compro-
mise of the mushroom in its flour-
ishing, even out of doors.

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