Sunday, January 13, 2013

It would be better, coming from you

       Is it possible, that we some-
       times rate the informing bur-
       dens of love with higher ap-
       preciation of our intensity,
       than of the relationship we
       select as its beneficiary?

       We like to think, as I would
       hope here, that our obliga-
       tions are in equilibrium: we
       care as much for our inter-
       locutor as for any subject.
       Here, I think, we are less
       complacent, you and I, than
       many who have cared for us.

       Now, then. November is past
       without event. We are secure
       in our protection from insan-
       ity on the Right; and it is
       time to fix his government.

       Will you tell him, or shall
       I, that his President is a
       war criminal; and that his
       birthright is shriveling as
       we speak, in high crimes and
       misdemeanors against his in-
       heritance of due process and
       mankind's, of the just war?

       Nothing takes care of itself
       on this scale, and nothing
       interests us more, than get-
       ting him clear of our debts.


  1. Thank you, of course; it would indeed be better, coming from you.,