Friday, January 18, 2013

Physics on my mind ii

She was still looking at him
thoughtfully. She seemed to
be listening without really
hearing. Then she said, 'Vik-
tor Pavlovich, your face 
looks quite different today.
Has something good happened?'

What makes you think that?

'Your eyes have changed,' she
said. 'It must be your work..'

What do you see in my eyes

'Your eyes are always full of
suffering - but not today.'

Marya Ivanovna, I don't under-

A minute later, walking down the
dark street, .. a cold draught
blew from each of the dark en-
trances; when he came to a cross-
roads the wind lifted up the tail
of his coat. Viktor shrugged his
shoulders and frowned. Would his
mother never know, would she nev-
er know what her son had just

Vasily Grossman
Life and Fate

Tim Rupp x Bruce Weber

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