Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday commute lxxv: What to read, what to read today?

   of embodying possibilities drawn
   from a shelf, more than a rack of
   ideas, reserved in our experience
   to the repulsive or well-to-do -
   less commonly the same thing, back
   then - we would occasionally specu-
   late in merry, almost doting wonder.
   But then another round would be pro-
   posed and we'd move on to who had
   lately turned up missing from our
   gatherings. They didn't care if we 
   remembered, and by such attritions
   we all felt prettier to forget. Pos- 
   sibly Gérard demurred at this im-
   modesty, but no one could suspect
   him of wearing us, rhetorically.


  1. These days Laurent, I am just fond of Vita Sackville-West.

    This second picture puts colorful ideas is my head...

    Joss, Paris FR.

    1. I thank you for your visit and this update in your attentions - Sissinghurst is fast becoming a scene of such gastronomic production that the bane of productivity threatens the traditions of a stupefying estate - that naughty alliance between the repulsive and the well to do again. I guess you have seen Adam Nicolson's "Unfinished History" on the subject.

      But I stray. At the very moment when I'd thought Gérard's point bade well toward being made, against ideas in dress, you find in this portrait of comparative undress a sort of arrière-pensée that I trust he could not possibly have intended.

      Yet one knows better than to query one's critics; it only intensifies their impressions.

      Centuries hence, scholars are going to theorise that what was really going on in this illustration, was simply a filling in of a photograph of a maritime hotel bedroom which Ivan Terestchenko published in the preceding week, at his visual diary (see, Context). But there you are: our absence will only help them to a sense of prettiness in their surmise.


  2. Missed my visits to your "red mug".
    Had been away from the blog-world, but been thinking of you...
    Happy new year my sweet Laurent!

    1. Happy new year to you, Maître; one can desire nothing finer than to share a new calendar with an old friend. How fortunate you allow me to be.