Wednesday, April 24, 2013

France embraces marriage as a human institution

lower house of the parlia-
ment of France has adopted
the measure known as, mar-
riage for all, over the
concerted opposition of 
all establishments of re-
ligion. Let them come to
people when they're ready.

It goes against our scruples
to celebrate a fine wine if
the occasion is good enough
by itself. But in the country
of humanity, exception proves
the rule to our continuing
delight and debt. There's an
American-owned estate that Mr
Jefferson admired, and Pepys
before him, which stands apart
from all the rest of its rank
in the distinctive composition
of its soils and their exposure.
How well this fair exception
proves the rule of nature's gift.

i     Andy Fabbi
ii   The New York Times©
iii  Collection Laurent

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