Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I sent The Times a thank-you note, for watching Lindsey Graham

The ascendancy of Princeton's latest
humiliation, in the tradition of Don-
ald Rumsfeld and the bitter, fetid
Sammy Alito, Texas' avatar, Ted Cruz,
has threatened to obscure the abiding
thuggery of South Carolina's Senator
Lindsey Graham. This would be unfair,
as the pending trials in the Boston
bombings make clear. The other day,
Graham was advancing the notion, with
wacky John McCain, that the suspects
(however numerous or not they may be)
ought to be hauled up before Pentagon
prosecutors as specters of seditious
battle, an especially droll suggestion
from a South Carolinian, need I say,
but even more poignant when his votes
and rants against sound public policy
on guns, human rights, and military
justice are taken into account. At the
neurotic Right-wing character assassin-
ation, but he's yet to be tested in our
South Carolinian's lengthy legislative
gauntlet of slashing civil liberties at
every opportunity.

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