Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And it is always friendly fire

Forgive me.

I would have done the same thing.
French or German .. duty is duty.

Are you in pain?

I would not have believed a bullet in the stomach could hurt so much.

I was aiming at your leg ..

More than fifty yards away, very bad light .. And then I was running ..

Please, no excuses! 

Of us two, it isn't I who should complain the most. I, I'll be finished soon, but you .. haven't finished ..

Not finished dragging out a useless existence.

For a man of the people, it's terrible to die in war. For you and me, it was a good solution.

I have missed it.

Jean Renoir, director
Jean Renoir and
  Charles Spaak, screenplay
La grande illusion
Réalisations d'Art
  Cinématographique, 1937©
Marianne Alexandre and
  Andrew Sinclair, translation
Lorrimer Publishing, Ltd., 1968©

ii  Photo Hedi Slimane

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