Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Against pockets

On the whole I look upon our
aid and comfort to the prac-
tice of investigating one's 
pants for what one might do.
With inventions of so many
pockets, is there too little
alarm anymore, at this reli-
ance upon one's equipment as
the scope of one's contempla-
tions? We need hardly ask,
which came first, the pocket
or the six-gun, to assess an
illusion of empowerment in
portability. (Equally trou-
bling, but for another time,
is a corollary Barbour's Law,
after the witty haberdasher
from South Shields, whose
coats of many pockets simply
mandate that one's Beretta
must always be found in the
last one searched). The car-
rying about with oneself of
even the most infinite array
of "apps," defense du jour
against nakedness in coffee
houses, is likeliest, then,
to cultivate the smugness of
Onan at the expense of, hey,
experience. I'm not apologet-
ic to wonder, if this is not

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