Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thorny, who is not especially Scandinavian

  My English Cocker Spaniel
  cannot be presented to il-
  lustrate this announcement
  of his attaining the age of
  6 months, today, because he
  is out of groom at the mom-
  ent. We were just about to
  tidy him up when it became
  known that he had totalled
  a second pair of topsiders,
  as I was digging out a cita-
  tion for our Court's latest
  parody of jurisprudence. Let
  this be a lesson to us all:
  do not blog unshod, at least
  about our liberties; and do
  comb out your dog from time
  to time. You might unearth
  a shoelace in his masquerade.

  Thorny, for his part, is not
  entirely unscandinavian, be-
  ing descended from some Nor-
  wegians on his father's side.
  English dogs do get around.

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