Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Liebling

And some are not.

Who expected the
great scribe of
pugilism for The
New Yorker, and
its archangel of
the tables of Par-
is, to surface al-
so as the singular
witness with a com-
mand of English to
exotic politics of
the great bayou in-
cluded, at no extra
charge, in Jeffer-
son's purchase of
empire in his exer-
cise of small rule?

Summer is a time for
Liebling, the humid-
er the better, as a
rémoulade of simmer-
ing Right-wing unc-
tuousness immerses
us in festivals of
ballot suppression,
and corporate de-
bauch unleashed by
our judicial branch's
latest wave of praise
for concentrated pow-
er, like some school-
boy alleging his or-
gasm had nothing to
do with tumescence.
Sometimes, it's all
one can do, not to
pat their shameless
little noggin for
their cheek.

Oh, my, yes; the asy-
lum of the great Earl
has sprung itself in 
purgations from Peter
Brook, upon the polis 
from Texas to North 

Anyone who inclines to
argue that sexism and
racism have nothing at
all to do with over-
weening financial con-
centrations, is wel-
come to explain to us
a Civil War, Jim Crow,
and the Koch brothers.

And Summer, too, co-
operates in its condi-
tioned little way, as
if the hot, slick sea-
son lent itself, espec-
ially, to escapades of

A.J. Liebling
The Sweet Science
The Earl of Louisiana
Between Meals
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The Library of America, 2009©

Leon F. Litwack
Trouble in Mind:
  Black Southerners in
  the Age of Jim Crow
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Ira Katznelson
Fear Itself:  The New Deal
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