Wednesday, July 31, 2013


There's a pretty
cool architect in
the faculty down
the road, who has
a way of asking a
class studying an
elevation by Pal-
ladio, what would
you leave, what
would you take

Every observer
has his list of
impediments of
experience, and
of being observed. 
Here, a cigarette
in one hand, and a 
"mobile device" in 
another, cast the
figure in the de-
rivative as well as
the impaired column.

And what is this
mug of coffee in
the avatar's way?

When evaluating
a work, what does
one tidy up first,
the senses or the
object? What is 
more disabling, 
ordinary prejudice
or a blizzard of
distractions? Will
Pauli's particle
(noted in the head-
ing since 2010) be
found, either way? 

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