Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If this had been a real emergency

    This is just a test
    of our hierarchical
    hygienic system.

    If this had been a
    real emergency, you
    and other siblings
    would have been di-
    rected to a shower
    in one of the avail-
    able guest rooms.

    On a friend's advice
    I found myself lately
    in an expansive rol-
    ling meadow in Virgin-
    ia, where local vine-
    yards were exhibiting
    themselves. All about
    me, there were silent
    clusters of friends, 
    tippling from glasses
    oxidised in the sun,
    staring into screens
    they were petting with
    mesmerised absorption.
    The nimbler of these
    scholars even managed 
    to clasp both vessels 
    in the palm of a single
    hand, their extracts
    fusing pleasantly in
    the mind.


  1. This is a beautiful (if somewhat rose-colored) summation of a festival…

    1. Fascinating to know. I generally clear out before summations.