Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Poverty's a little different from just not finding work

Poverty no longer rising 
but grips 46,000,000.

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Even feudalism is doctrinally
predicated on the employment
of the employable. Not "right
to work" America. We have mas-
tered inefficiency in the name
of efficiency - as Bob Dylan
wrote for a track in Modern
Times, to "compete abroad."

Every exquisite element of this
injustice has been enshrined in
fiscal policy since Reagan. All
of it has been sold as a pipe-
dream of revenge on the under-
class, or the patronising in-
sult of healing it by example,
in a pentecostal fandango of 
greed. Where capital has en-
countered the threat of distri-
bution, we have enjoyed warfare.
Yes, what else is new?

46 million persons should not be
impoverished in the solar system.
agony here, is a phenomenon which 
summons Lamb's A Dissertation upon
Roast Pig and his Complaint of the
to the same luncheon entertainment
at the Economic Club in Washington,
where just now the Secretary of the
Treasury opined, We are not where
we want to be. Jay Gould, himself,
could not have put it better. 

This was polite of him, given the
mystery that he is not behind bars.

I did not come to the internet to
sequester myself in a Speaker's
Corner in a leafy page. But I did
act which is directly affronted,
intimidated, and suppressed, by 
any brutality. I cannot accuse the
Steps Scene in Battleship Potemkin,
or its view of maggots on the sail-
ors' butchered meat, of agitprop,
and suffer a Treasury Secretary to
confide, he isn't happy. It ranks 
right up there, with infant mortal-
ity and malnutrition. Happiness: 
didn't Mr Jefferson aver, we might
all pursue it?

              Close the restaurants? Well, it'd
              be a start; but those people really
              can't find other work. Tithe the
              Koch brothers? God forbid. Why not
              just eliminate the innocents who
              see - which is, I assure myself,
              not actually, truly, really, and
              certainly the Right wing's program -
              and spare ourselves the remorse of
              their effrontery? I think of asking
              this of Stephen Crane, I think of 
              asking Melville, James and Faulkner.
              I think of any surfer, trusting in
              another wave. The literature of our
              people is of power without force.

              Who would betray a second chance?

Sergei Eisenstein
Eduard Tisse
Battleship Potemkin

Charles Lamb
op. cit.

Timothy Egan
("Context" Sidebar)
New comment of note
September 19, 2013

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