Friday, September 13, 2013

Is taste a human right ii

To become lost amid underperforming texts
the stranger won't answer. By which time
it was nosebleed territory anyway. The geese
had put away their young, then fled; all that remained
to be determined was local angst, over which who cares what
by sitters in a landscape, I say: how is this remote?
Yellow wine will rinse it all away, and how many of us
are there? Is it my imagination or must one foregather
to bring stuff in?

                  Long before that, the tocsin
had sounded in the autumn dell, Toxins were released.
One's by-now crystallized antipathy to daring new
solutions swamped local perennial borders.

Because at least getting too serious had reputable
antecedents. Being in the way didn't matter,
nor should it, yet who knows what embarrassments can leak
this way, foreground moony entertainments? Just a clench
suffices when their guard is up. The horse pilots,
sleeping rough in their thousands,
announced commodious outcomes contradicting too-prompt
displays of local affection. The broad petals of language
are stiff and may get very bad.
They make it very bad
in our language tutoring.

   Possibly you have noticed, too,
   that so few people seem to have
   heard the good news about them-
   selves. They want refreshment but
   ask, 'Give me the biggest red ya
   got', and this aspiration for
   punishment is but a consequence
   of deprivation, a means of sub-
   stantiating to themselves that
   they can take it and respect it.
   You see it everywhere, if not in
   every thing. 

   In growth there is a center that
   opens as balanced wine, unfold-
   ing congruently, responsively,
   gracefully, authentically, and
   lastingly. Which came first, the
   principle or the fact? Taste is
   an expression of the human trait
   of memory. We can watch expertise
   reviving as a birthright, across

Quick Question
  New Poems
  Far Harbor
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