Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The naïf

The struggle to portray the
President as a Chicago pol -
tough, cynical, exploitive,
implicitly shady - has foun-
dered opportunistically on
the Koch payroll's chorus
that this alien has sadly
not matured into that compet-
ence, after all. The struggle
is incurable, yet helplessly
constructive; a little jaun-
dice in studying the holder
of this gruesomely dangerous
office is not ill-judged, and
has led, in his accession, to
a most salubrious correction,
on the whole.

Let us accept that the diplom-
acy which is being pursued, to
his political enemies, may not
meet his sense of what is re-
quired for protecting Americans;
it is too soon to know. It is
ue in the war zone.

It is a pity that his enemies
find the suspense unendurable,
and do all they can to assure
that we renounce hope. But we
ask no escape from who we are.

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