Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gulping Dickens in my youth

   I used - very reasonably,
   I think - to surmise that
   all injustice could well
   be laid at the door of a
   harsh and anxious break-

   A symptom confused as a
   cause, I grant you. But
   it was time to be invad-
   ed by the light of day.

   And, you know, all those
   knowing chuckles of our
   later schoolboy years,
   never meant we disbeliev-
   ed in breakfast.

   They meant we'd seen our
   parity; and they showed
   us that our appetite at 
   morning preserved us in
   even as our feeding nev-
   er could. To be happy to
   be hungry, is a paradox
   that stings one still in

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