Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday commute xc: bad proceedings on shore

Koloa felt some of the
aftershock that turned
Honolulu and Lahaina in-
to places of decadence,
but it was no overwhel-
ming problem on Kauai.
Dr James W. Smith noted
in his journal in April,
1865, Three whaleships
here at anchor & bad
proceedings expected on
shore. But if bad pro-
ceedings took place,
they could not have 
been too glaring, since
Smith made no mention
of them in later entries.

We can all point to more
than one pandemic which
has been propagated by
discretion in the prac-
tice of medicine. On the
other hand, none of us,
immersed in the great Age
of Indiscretion as we are,
would welcome a breach of
confidentiality from the
caretakers of our woes.

An island - and sometimes
the smaller, the better -
will always seem to be
that grant of confidence
in space, that Dr Smith's
journal was in comment. 
This is renewal as even
the confessional under-
stands it. Homeland se-
curity, if you like. I 
love Kauai for many rea-
sons. It returns to one, 
whenever it's recalled.

Edward Joesting
  The Separate Kingdom
University of Hawaii Press, 1984©

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