Thursday, November 28, 2013

Less clomp, more romp

  Thorny and I awoke today
  to the frivolous bright-
  ness of a cheeky gluteal
  moon, splashing past the
  unguarded clerestory, of
  our exactly axial dwell-
  ing. There was no sense,
  in repressing his retort
  on this occasion; an Eng-
  lish Cocker's synapse is
  irreversible, on the wis-
  dom of going out to run.


I have never believed that it makes much sense, objecting to a pretty moon of youthful consti-tution, and if I were a superstitious man I would have to credit the stars with arranging, for our quiet countryside, a mer-rily urbane tuck in their resolute trajectory. But now of course, you were about to say, the sky is on its way to California.

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