Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday commute xcv: To the Ostsächsische Sparkasse, Diver

  Intrigued by this subtle
  modification of the Stan-
  ford University logotype
  I followed it, as far as
  Dresden, where I suppose
  Leni Riefenstahl had vis-
  ited before me. I marvel
  how a thrift institution
  could distract me such a
  distance from my chores;
  but then, it isn't every
  day I see any bank of so
  much spirit of adventure.

  I hasten to offer the u-
  sual disclaimers. I have
  not the slightest inter-
  ests in this unspeakably
  chic sparkasse, and must
  note for the record, you
  can't be sorrier than I.


Güntzplatz 5
01307 Dresden

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