Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Au revoir, les treize

    They made a
    for butter?

Martin Conte

Jean-Pierre Léaud
Jean Cocteau
François Truffaut


  1. This is a perfect summary of 2013 and perhaps an alternate banner for rmbl should you ever tire of mugs, linens, or tummies.... Happy 2014.

    1. I am guessing, that you refer to the innocent being menaced by madras, and not to the gang of cut-throats seated at Cannes? I agree, that into any year a little sun must shine, but I think a daily infusion of this radiant ornament of serendipity might arouse chronic expectation of the perfect tan, and one has not thought to venture, from documenting the escape from restaurants, into the equally trustworthy climes of cosmetics. Even then, "tiring" is not an experience one is permitted on this side of the page; the comforts of that estate are reserved for yours.