Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Eh, bien. Quatorze.

    Or just more
    of Texas?

    Having just shot up a town
    for a sackful of zinc wash-
    ers, Peckinpah's heroes ar-
    rive at the Rio Grande, an
    occasional jurisdictional
    divide. Youth sees Mexico, 
    and calls it lindo. A con-
    noisseur of brigandage is
    not so sure.

   In the satiric satyr,
   Michel Simon, a long
   career in the quay of
   brigandage stretched
   from Jean Vigo through
   Renoir to Marcel Carné.
   The cultivation of the
   distinction, between 
   play and misery, is not
   a struggle of good with 
   evil; and it is a lark
   to participate in reel-
   ing in this understand-
   ing, little by little.

   One never does know what
   will turn up, restaurant
   footfare notwithstanding.


Sam Peckinpah
  and Walon Green,
The Wild Bunch
Warner Brothers, 1969©

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