Friday, December 6, 2013

Nikolaus Harnoncourt is having a birthday

From out of nowhere, my natural
domain, the local, rural Nation-
al Public Radio affiliate broad-
cast Haydn's 60th, Il Distratto,
in the performance by Concentus
Musicus Wien, under their found-
ing conductor; and mentioned by
the way, that this is his birth

It's a thrilling work, and it
is a ripping performance, dir-
ected by Nikolaus Harnoncourt.
Decades of musical exultation,
amazement, learning and convic-
tion at his behest rebound in
a listener's mind, on hearing
this extravagantly cheeky, vir-
ile, and profane masterpiece,
smacking the pavement with its
cane. Music is having a birth-
day today, and all its myriad
mendicants are mobilised to
dance. Such a night for noise.

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