Monday, December 2, 2013


         The girl reaches out to
         take the boy's hand. Hello, 
         young man! she says. He is 
         your grandson?

         Not my grandson, not my son,
         but I am responsible for him.

I think there's an ethical ques-
tion inscribed there which looks
backward.. Is history about, as
Aristotle said, what Alcibiades
did and suffered? Or do sources
from the past merely provide raw
material which we turn to polit-
ical or intellectual ends?

J.M. Coetzee
The Childhood of Jesus
Viking, 2013©

Tony Judt
Timothy Snyder
Thinking the Twentieth Century
op. cit.

ii  Recession of the last funeral
     of a soldier of the Great War
    Wells Cathedral

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