Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A precaution of Mr Cheney's, I believe

Even as we speak, in some undis-
closable but, we must suppose, 
secure location - probably har-
dened and buried unapproachably
deep - there is being prepared
this evening's stand-in for the
talking Head of State, imperfec-
tions in the resemblance being
touched up to a fare-thee-well,
for a pie in the face from some
junior Supreme Court justice ap-
pointed in the previous Adminis-
tration, for his resentments of
of diversity-seeking elites. How
compassionately these Bushes do
identify their men, one must re-
call, when one considers the long-
suffering Mr Thomas, victimised
by admission to another runway to
the stars. But I stray.

Yes, the innovation is probably
one of the decidedly un-late Mr
Cheney's inspirations from the
light side of the dark side, to
preserve the Presidential suc-
cession in permanent lockdown,
from the top down, by floating
surrogates for these silly pub-
lic facetimes of ancient custom.

Here, of course, Le Cid, himself,
must weep for the vitality of the
effigy under spiffing-up, so ob-
viously Chicagoan in aerodynamics
and of the Big Island in footwear,
that absolutely nobody is likely
to suspect an impostor. Even those
who may wish for one, could hardly

Pierre Corneille
Le Cid

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