Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm terribly sorry, but in North America it's still Thursday ii

 As we studied poor Mr Boehner
 on his throne the other night
 he seemed to summon to memory
 the awful diatribes of coach-

Their game, can you be-
lieve, when we're the
ones who have to suit
up for it, and take
those slings and arrows
of the limning class,
faulting us for defects
in our poise. Fellow
can't even propose his
own portrait, spiffy
as he is, without be-
ing tweaked for how he
heats the tipple in his
clasp. He's the one who
has to down it, after all.

What has Thursday not in
common with that predica-

Rex Whistler
Self Portrait
The New York Review
  of Books
January 9, 2014©


  1. Not sure if my comment was recorded- that said, it went something like: The soldier deployed 9 times standing in front of our lawmakers at the State of the Union was testament to the loss -unnecessary- of so many. Their honoring him-and his presence served more as an indictment. I do love in this post the inclusion of REX, though he is quite a bit more dashing in his studio wearing checks and baggie pants. pgt

    1. My dear PGT, this is not the first indication that this mechanism seems to have a serious comment-registration glitch, and I am no troubleshooter of such things. Thank you for persevering. Beyond that, naturally, I thank you for accepting the juxtaposition suggested here. I am unalterably certain, by the way, that they would all be more dashing, attired as you mention; and I fault my selections for not having anticipated this. We often speak well of bone structure, but when it comes down to it, a little pattern can be so cheering. :)