Saturday, January 11, 2014

Into winter's night a little comfy flannel

  Oh, one really is well reconciled
  with this execrated world, to see
  at least the young unrelegated to
  the itchier textures of life. One
  may well think I couldn't possib-
  ly be serious; but as to that, no
  more than two responses tumble to
  this affidavit. First, it doesn't
  matter a fig whether I am or not.

   Second, it's like Russian vacuum
   tubes in your pre-amp, if you're
   listening, some night. It's only
   what the music deserves. I don't
   ask how old is Thomas Tallis, as
   many anguished millions will not
   hear him. He can't be nullified,
   or flannel made to be unfeeling.
   Or shall the lamb have no voice?

Jancis Ancens for Zegna

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