Sunday, January 12, 2014

Clichés that never made sense, or even decent pictures

  Oh, you know the one:

  He's just like you or I,
  he puts his pants on,
  one leg at a time.

  Well, I don't know that
  I can recall, right off
  the top of my head, how
  I do put my pants on. I
  think I might be giving
  myself a lot of credit,
  if I could. Yet, I'd be
  prepared to bet a round
  of Perrier, there are a
  few practitioners whose


On the whole, naturally, one prefers not to look. Can anyone really say, he has any wish for half the information, garbled into cliché, flowing in and flowing out, such as how Governor Christie is placed into trousers? This is not the least of the dreadful-ness of cliché, which really does have certain virtues, but likening everyone to everyone is not our nattiest uniform.

Real men make real photo-graphs, on the other hand, is suspect only to the degree that not every man deploys the requisite device, innocently anatomically, almost.

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