Monday, January 13, 2014

Jacobite in January

Our peripatetic Joe Collier,
can you stand it, has allowed
Zegna to swath his limbs in 
deconstructed Lindsay, amidst 
the gauntlet of jobbers and
scribes whose rôle in life
is to subject the unknowing 
to envy. I've always thought 
it a little exotic, that they 
couldn't settle for desire.
But there you are: once more 
into the breeches, and we all 
know exactly who's going to 
survive this sweet travesty.

                  His horse he ordered to wear
                  their shirts above their buff
                  jerkins, in order that they
                  might be distinguished from
                  the enemy .. He had shown him-
                  self able to adapt his few re-
                  sources to any emergency, and
                  to rise superior to any misfor-
                  tune. For the moment he was the
                  undisputed master of all Scotland.

John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir
The Marquis of Montrose
Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1913©

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