Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gérard, whom we do, actually, all like

Although much quieter and more calm, than a fellow one could take for a Virginian, Gérard transparently means well, and I don't mean only in the harmless, and certain-ly not in the reticent sense. His willingness to embody a drapery where one may be missing, for example, has mitigated countless visions of our world which may have imparted an ambient impov-erishment, somewhat more starkly than the gaze could bear. It's true, he sometimes inspires the attentions of an ankle-nipping puppy in this way, but on market days he is much in demand, for this very reason. The farmers in their stalls, too, are glad for the decoration, and the shopper's eye becomes more generous.

Benoni Loos

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