Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday commute c: Transit camp ticket still to punch

   In every parameter, this page
   is an offspring of the twenti-
   eth century. How well one has
   always savoured any opportun-
   ity for rebellion, I think is
   plain enough in the entries
   already presented here. While
   rmbl remains active, the in-
   stinct of that lark must revel
   in something better than sur-
   vival in false security. 

   The transit camp is the signa-
   ture domicile of the previous
   century, and it is appropriate
   for the 100th saturday commute
   to pay it credit. The 21st is
   not a century to put the past
   into boxes, not that this had
   ever been possible, as much as
   we may sense incentives for it.
   Nor was the 20th a century of
   gratuitous bailment to the past.

   The uprooted: politically, re-
   ligiously, intellectually, sex-
   ually, racially, geriatrically,
   financially, industrially, fam-
   ilially, linguistically, eth-
   nically, militarily, epidemiol-
   ogically and criminally are un-

   To carry forward is not to look
   back; to draw upon learning is
   not to cringe. Such is the ed-
   ucation of our transit camps,
   proliferating always internally
   as well as throughout the fur-
   thest reaches of dry land, not
   as nodes of topicality but as
   stations of conception, ubiquit-
   ous, hungering to dissolve in
   native peace if not of soil. The
   lark ascends above the stroke of

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