Friday, March 28, 2014

Suppose it were Friday xcii: And one could get out soon

    This portrait, possibly taken
    backstage at Burberry, struck
    me for an unrelieved incongru-
    ity between the figure and ev-
    erything else in the frame. I
    didn't see one element to ex-
    plain his presence amidst the
    shabbiness of all around him.

    I caught myself, wondering if
    he senses this; but one could
    see, of course he does. Happy
    is that expectant final gulp.


  1. don't you think Youth precludes a certain shabbiness? James Dean comes to mind. pgt

    1. My dear PGT, How nice of you to come, to help us through this investigation. James Dean comes to mind for a variety of circumstances requiring mitigation, and if appearing drenched in his own oil on Reata's front porch counts as an example, yes, I think any shabbiness probably did take second place to a certain ebullience often observed at that age. I can recall claiming the same defense for years, however, for the condition of my childhood living quarters, with markedly less success - possibly the fault of a slenderer allowance, which argument similarly fell on deaf ears. Possibly, then, there is youth, and there is fossil-favored youth - have you considered this distinction?