Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All this time, we feared, it might be over

This page has only it-
self to blame, need one
say, for arousing dread
that a parvenu collector
of buildings might yank
the curtain of Tricorne
from 375 Park Avenue -
possibly, a trophy too
vast to smuggle across
the borders of even our
adulation of the gross.

Will someone, please,
stand up and say what 
about Pablo Picasso,
could nail a vampire 
in his tracks?

Phyllis Lambert has
done so. Friends are
encouraged to acquire
a uniquely competent
and necessary memoir
of a prior civilisa-
tion in this land, of
such a forgotten amal-
gam of industry, op-
portunity, privilege,
genius, decency, and
taste as might strew
a boulevard of bucks
with instruction in

Doesn't one take pride 
in the gorgeousness of 
the good derived from 
any person? The greater
the gorgeousness, is no
matter: the good is im-
mutable. But the master-
piece is needed, because 
we forget how we hunger.

Phyllis Bronfman Lambert
Building Seagram
Yale University Press, 2013©

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