Friday, April 18, 2014


 Florentino Ariza, who had never lost
 the timidity of a novice even in com-
 fortable circumstances, risked a super-
 ficial caress on her neck with the tips
 of his fingers, and she writhed and
 moaned like a spoiled child and did not
 stop crying. Then he kissed her on the
 same spot, just as softly, and he could
 not kiss her a second time because she
 turned toward him with all her monumen-
 tal body, eager and warm, and they roll-
 ed in an embrace on the floor. The cat
 on the sofa awoke with a screech and
 jumped on top of them. They groped like
 desperate virgins and found each other
 any way they could, wallowing in the
 torn albums, fully dressed, soaked with
 sweat, and more concerned with avoiding
 the furious claws of the cat than with 
 the disastrous love they were making.

  But beginning the fol-
  lowing night, their
  scratches still bleed-
  ing, they continued to
  make love for several

Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Love in the Time of Cholera
Edith Grossman
Knopf, 1988©

ii Photograph Laurent
    Leica M-6, 50mm Summicron
    op. cit.

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