Friday, June 6, 2014

Suppose it were Friday xcvi: The cheat sheet and the triceps

    How many of us, one can only won-
    der, affect a confident air in the
    kitchen because of a handy cheat-
    sheet or mobile app, in the nuanced
    voice of Mr Olney or, I confess, of
    Craig Claiborne? Legions, have we
    noted, on the Greenwich steps of 
    Telegraph Hill, the spiraling croi-
    sette of Corbett Street, indeed e-
    even the stately stairs of Taylor
    rising between Bohemia and the Hun-
    tington, all assured in their acu-
    men by a guide who climbed before.

    But what happens, as an unfolding
    of ordinary life repositions the
    secret, early stenciled upon the
    evolving fore, as a magnified yet
    inaccessible code on the obverse 
    muscle group? Ah. A consternation?

    A seizure by anxiety, at the dis-
    appearance of any legacy of learn-
    ing, upon the thoroughly intended
    renovation of the subject, is pos-
    sibly the most endurable remorse -
    of our marginal sample of mankind.

    I recall, distinctly, the parsley.

  ii   Joe Collier

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