Friday, July 4, 2014

Of liberty, and other close questions

       Last I heard,
       texting while
       just standing
       there, was OK.

       Texting while
       dressing, may
       be borderline.

       But either is
       OK when being


  1. A year or so ago, I stood texting on Madison Avenue (I have never wanted to walk and text) and on getting out of the way of someone walking towards me, I slipped of the sloping curb and fell flat on my face next to the queue for Laduree. My thought as I fell (besides "oh f---" was "who queues for macaroons."

    If I were to draw a lesson from this it would be not to text on Madison Avenue – as relevant a lesson as any other.

    1. I, too, have never wanted to walk and text, when one can be so much more productive in gainful loitering. And like you, I allow the macaroons to come to me. But Madison is full of exemplary experiences, I fear, and I thank you for this gruesome reminder; so I ply my careful way on Park wherever possible.

      Many cheers of the day, mon vieux.