Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I know now what I saw

A large white yacht was coming
into the harbor and seven miles
out in the horizon you could
see a tanker, small and neat in
profile against the blue sea,
hugging the reef as she made to
the westward to keep from wast-
ing fuel against the stream.

       This is not Fitzgerald's ending
       for The Great Gatsby. This is
       Ernest Hemingway's for To Have
       and Have Not. A calm settles up-
       on the Keys, yet with a return
       of caution. How the film trans-
       formed what he wrote is famous,
       but it captured what he dreamed,
       and gave one what one saw. This
       wasn't chemistry, it wasn't elec-
       tricity. I saw a kind of caring
       that went far beyond romance, I
       saw the lights go up against a
       world saving fuel.


Ernest Hemingway
To Have and Have Not
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1937©


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