Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Keel up

     Topicality, George Smiley remarks
     to Control, is always suspect. If
     anything bears him out, it may be
     the adventitious rabidness with
     which our Tea Party-bitten Repub-
     licans leap at the throat of the
     President, for every breath that
     passes through it. Or it may just
     be the arrival of a revival of a
     fine book on art one day, and the
     demise of an artist by miscalcula-
     tion the next. A newspaper is no
     way to plot a web log, minor craft 
     that it is. Its keel is deflected
     in the shallows.

     One can't renounce the currents,
     but there are charts to keep open,
     temperate channels of fair depth.

     Through it all.

ii   Valéry Lorenzo©


  1. ah ha, somehow I can not help but think of- SHIP OF FOOLS, and I-in such good company (and please let me be Vivien Leigh). pgt

    1. Ah, you were here before the embarkation, you may play whomever you like. But if I were Oskar Werner, I'd rather you were Moreau in "Jules and Jim," and you could inspire the other lads to contend for the part of Jim. :)

      Seriously, I do not forget your example. I can 'profile' it only in my way.