Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flat earth foreign policy

  Just in time to fuse those fis-
  sures wrought by globalisation's
  compulsory collisions of socie-
  ties once suspended in some au-
  tonomy, the voices of its deep-
  est-vested interests have begun
  to draw up lists of approved re-
  ligions, to insulate its hypoc-
  risies from creeds of violent
  resistance. It's not about mod-
  ernity, it's about impunity, the
  promised land of justification.

  No one can profess to be embar-
  rassed to find an American pres-
  ident leading the way to selec-
  tive orthodoxy; but that it has 
  to be an American president, ex- 
  poses the source of the strain.

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