Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some Service


   Coming to terms with the reality
   that an agency charged with the
   protection of the President would
   shove him into an elevator, any-
   where, with persons unknown, much
   less persons unscanned for contra-
   band, even if known? This doesn't
   happen. Is there a coming to terms
   with a little slack for negligent
   homicide, against the holder of an
   already unstable and excessive pow-
   er over the lives of several hundred
   million ostensibly free people? It
   makes more sense for the Secret Ser-
   vice simply to toss him down the 
   shaft, relying upon wings of angels.

   At a minimum, I don't see why we can
   not be conditioned by episodic stunts
   of higher visibility, imperiling our
   plans and disrupting our commitments,
   to wean us all of illusions of trust,
   to say nothing of the fallacy that a
   limit exists, to how power stupefies.


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