Friday, November 21, 2014

In for a fix?

  When is it safe to go online?
  I'd finished my latest Wode-
  house, an overlong thing that
  frittered away its élan with
  tiresome repetition of screen-
  play set-pieces, and I thought,
  well, I'd skip further stimu-
  lation and get to bed early.
  Later, something awoke me, so
  in curiosity about media spin
  on what's next for undocument-
  ed aliens, I turned to the
  Sulzbergers' website, only to
  be greeted by a flashing red
  advertising blitz from one of
  our leading policy engines of
  the warfare state. Fixers on
  the prowl, unsleeping.

  Moments later, I returned to 
  The Times' site for a screen 
  cap of this brazen interven-
  tion, to find it replaced by 
  a warm image of the logotype 
  for Royal Dutch Petroleum; 
  and again I found my naïveté 
  had brought me up short. 

  I know, it's true, The Times 
  doesn't just give away infor-
  mation. It force-feeds me.

P.G. Wodehouse
The Luck of the Bodkins
op. cit.

Werner Bischof

1916 - 1954
New York

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