Saturday, November 29, 2014

Preserved lemons ii

    I don't know anything
    about substituting hon-
    ey for sugar so I don't
    do it. But I do believe
    in the health-giving
    properties (if only men-
    tal) of honey ..

                 I tolerate my own apathy as long
                 as it remains within limits, that
                 is, as long as it is only the tem-
                 porary reaction of one whose spir-
                 it is exhausted by the constant ef-
                 fort of making distinctions and sim-
                 ply needs a rest. It would be more
                 serious, however, if something of
                 the indifference I sometimes feel
                 were to leave its mark.. Indiffer-
                 ence and resignation, I believe,
                 are the most serious forms of hu-
                 man decline into nothingness.. I
                 hope no such decline threatens me.


Jeremiah Tower
Donald Sultan, paintings
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