Saturday, December 20, 2014

Le Baron, Chouzy

Through the years, Cartier-Bresson's
famous post-war portrait of a vigner-
on at home in the Loire Valley has ac-
cumulated, for anyone who's revisited
it over time, a gathering context of
associations, relevant and extraneous
in equal parts, so that it is pleas-
ing to try to see it as for the first
time, although at one's present age,
and in one's present culture and soci-
ety. One of the first things to strike
one is the angle of view, higher than
if one were at the table and lower than at the mantle; but this is not a Rollei photograph, which could account for an abdominal perspective. This is a Leica image, from the nose. The vis-itor bowed.

    Nothing in this
    space is a clat-
    ter. Everything
    thuds; which is
    to say, illumin-
    ation weighs ev-
    erything in aud-
    ible coherency.

    It's a declara-
    tion of genius,
    yet whose, I'm
    not sure.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
Le Baron, Chouzy-sur-Cissé

Martin Conte 
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