Friday, December 19, 2014

The Cuban choke-hold and the next Bush

 The Alan Turing story
 has been told, well,
 already, but we have
 a people who wouldn't
 know that. The hostage
 our diplomacy has been
 to a concentration of
 Cuban grudge-bearers, 
 in a State of elector-
 al vote riches, is be-
 ing gradually released
 in a market of relaxing
 hysterias. There is e-
 ven talk that we might

 This may put the next
 Bush pleasantly on the
 spot in his Party, as
 he styles himself to
 win its many yahoos.
 Worst case, he'd still
 have to come before us.

 Just a hopeful thought.

Hugh Whitemore
Breaking the Code
  Based on the book,
  Alan Turing: The Enigma
  By Andrew Hodges
Samuel French, Inc.
Hugh Whitemore, Ltd, 1987©

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