Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Le vin bleu

   Does the frame shift or does
   the light, and where does it
   come from - where does eith-
   er come from? In yet another
   vigorous essay for The New
   York Review, we spy Jed Perl
   out chasing Picasso, seeming
   to refute frame after frame
   of consensus and bringing to
   light a coherency in 3 major
   exhibitions running in Paris
   and New York. It's my birth-
   day, I'm allowed to say what
   I want. I want to go asking.

You Can't Catch Picasso
The New York Review of Books
December 18, 2014©


  1. Happy B-Day !!!
    You are one of My Favourite Persons in the Heavenly scheme of
    Things !!