Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Now, now, Class, we mustn't make fun


There are lights
in which none of
us is at our best.

   Stuart Hampshire observed that S.I.S.
   values information in proportion to
   its secrecy, not to its accuracy. They
   would attach more value, he said, to a
   scrap of third-rate and tendentious mis-
   information smuggled out of Sofia in the
   fly-buttons of a vagabond Rumanian pimp
   than to any intelligence deduced from a
   prudent reading of the foreign press.
   And of course he's quite right.

Hugh Trevor-Roper
Major, S.I.S.
Regius Professor, Oxford
Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge
Lord Dacre of Glanton
The Wartime Journals
April, 1943
op. cit.

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