Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weigh enough!

    when the long haul
    is up or when mis-
    adventure catches
    ignominious resis-
    tance in the water.

    The President sug-
    gested fairness in
    an oar dipping in-
    to implacable cur-
    rents, off-camera.

    Improvidently, he
    neglected to call
    for sectarian side-
    shows to cloak his
    policies. This was
    Military frivolity,
    too, was minimalist.

                         There was a stir-
                         ring competition,
                         for a frothing at
                         the mouth. Global
                         debauch emerged,
                         as a Bold Idea. It 
                         was an early night.

Ingmar Bergman
Through a Glass, Darkly

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